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A small glimpse of the manufacturing process of the AS15

Last week we had the honor to admire the manufacturing process of the AS15 frame work at VDL Welding Industry. This was an experience itself. With some “blood and tears” we where able to film the welding process, which takes accuracy to the next level. A gigantic computer controlled welding robot makes an impressive statement.

Why blood and tears? Fun ( actually not so fun ) fact; Never, ever, ever look into a welding lens without safety glasses. Photokeratitis may occur to your eyes. One of our employees had the honor to meet with this unwanted pain in the ass.

Nevertheless, the welding process was an amazing thing to watch. Very impressive how VDL uses large welding robots to complete the work. Watch how the blue toxic gasses in smoke formations and fire sparks fly through the air, all to manufacture a large batch for our distributor Vermeer Corporation of our streamlined beauty the AS15 skid steer mini-loader.

Check the video below or surf to our Youtube channel: welding process AS15 skid steer mini-loader

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