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CONMEQ is a specialist in Designing, Developing and Delivering electrical machines. We prefer to Design and Develop electrical machines from scratch. This means that we take a close look at every part of the machine and how these parts are supposed to interact with each other and with the batteries. As a result one can work safe and very long on one battery charge and it will increase the battery life significantly. In addition to the Engineering on paper, we can make prototypes in our own factory and if desired, we can set up and supervise the full production. We call this: Engineering As A Service. Quality is our DNA and therefore we go for the best parts on the market. Your machine will be your buddy for a long, long time.


In the past years we Designed, Developed and Delivered our own Conmeq AS15 skidsteer. A multifunctional 900KG electrical machine with about 70 attachments to do the job. Read more about the AS15 on our product page. Today we are Designing and Developing our X-serie machine. It will be a flexible 2500KG machine. More information on the progress of the X-serie will be posted on this website.

Safe, Efficient, Flexible and Intuitive

From construction to paving; from demolition to trenching; from Farming to Fruit Growers: Our electric driven mini-loaders make physical work as easy as possible, almost everywhere. These powerful machines get any job done without engine-noise and emission-free. Multifunctional with over 70 (!) suitable attachments, the possibilities are endless. Safe to work with and taking care of the environment, Efficient, Flexible and Intuitive to use: this is how CONMEQ mini-loaders make a difference to any project with lasting results.

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7 Reasons why professionals choose for Conmeq loaders:

Load capacity up to 500 kg

Very precise steering and pivoting

Many functions are easily adjustable, like speed up to 12 km/h

Numerous applications from up to 70 attachments

Ergonomic design
User-friendly design and safe to work with

No engine noise, comfortable to work with

Powerful lithium batteries that last a day with ease and of course zero emission

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