Emission & Noise Free
Swift, Intuitive & Strong
Ergonomic Design

Let’s start 2022 with the goal to make oil history!

Since the world is slowly turning it’s back on fossil fuels, the time has come to invest in emission free machinery.
And what better way to do this, then to start the new year with purchasing a fully electric AS15 skid steer mini-loader.
The AS15 is compact, safe, easy to control, and it saves you a lot of money by using kW instead of fuel.
Also, by using the AS15 you generate power so that your battery will take longer to recharge.

When purchasing the AS15 skid steer mini-loader you are guaranteed environmentally friendly.
To use the Tesla way of engineering our skid steer loader is build with high efficiency.
No other available skid steer mini-loader on the market today has 5 electric engines, with a maximum speed of 12km per hour.
Because the AS15 is easy to use in small spaces thanks to the 77cm width that can fit through a regular door opening, you can use the skid steer loader everywhere.
Think about the possibilities to use the AS15 not only at construction- demolition and waste processing companies, but also inside warehouses and logistic companies.

To be straight forward, the AS15 is the most efficient machine to use for small construction works, carry heavy equipment and materials and to finish your work in a much faster way.
Next to that, it’s an investment in the future for a cleaner planet.
Let’s join forces to build a cleaner world.