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No diesel and petrol cars by 2035. Next in line will be fuel engine machinery.

By 2035, no new cars that run on petrol or diesel should be sold in the European Union according to the European parliament.
On Wednesday, June 8, the European Parliament approved the ban on combustion engines from 2035. The end of fossil fuel engines seems to come closer every day in Europe.

It could be that some Member States want to be even more ambitious than the European decision. Belgium, for example, has already announced that it would like all new registrations to be emission-free from 2029. Brussels also wants no diesel by 2030 and no more petrol, LPG and CNG by 2035. It still seems a long way off, 2035. But at the same time, for a historic turnaround in car mobility it seems very close. “Nevertheless, it is a feasible option,” says Mark Pecqueur, lecturer in automotive technology at Thomas More University of Applied Sciences. “It is absolutely necessary to be climate neutral by 2050. And yes, it is feasible,” confirms mobility professor Cathy Macharis (VUB).

In any case, the transition has already started. Right now, you can invest in the AS15 skid steer mini-loader and take advantage of several governmental grants that will safe your company thousands of Euro’s. Be on time, these grants won’t last and will be running out as the years pass by.

Next to that, the ROI can be achieved after 1,5 year. After that, you will only safe money. Curious what the ROI can mean for your company? Contact us to get the ROI calculated based on your business .

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