Emission & Noise Free
Swift, Intuitive & Strong
Ergonomic Design

Is the AS15 one of a kind?

To give a direct and straight up answer: Yes!
Our skid steer loader is the only available compact version on the market that has 0 emission li-ion batteries with long term durability.

Our machines are in fact as priceless as our own children, and that’s the way we treat them during the development process.
Think about the environment for example, we think ahead and wish to treat our beautiful planet the way it deserves to be treated.
With this mindset we developed the sustainable AS15 skid steer mini-loader and stay driven to keep on developing.
Durable, high power, no hydrostatic driveline but fully electric.
With our machines we will deliver what we promise.

|What you see is what you get|

Right now we work with full power ahead on the development of a fully electric “Big Brother” for our AS15 skid steer loader. If you already think our AS15 skidsteer is one of the most amazing machines on the market, you will most definitely get excited about our newest x-serie project.
For now we need to keep you guessing, but we will share more info about this exciting project in the near future…

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