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Conmeq products are designed to make physical work more effective and efficient, without the usual safety risks. Sustainability is at the core of our product development: the machines are made of robust steel, have a long lifespan (20-30 years), and the parts are 99% recyclable.

Daily maintenance

Ease of use plays a major part in the design of our mini-loaders. This also applies to daily maintenance. The loaders are made predominantly of steel, which is quick and easy to clean.

Useful to know

Conmeq loaders are produced sustainably. During their assembly, we use 100% biodegradable agents, which are better for the health of our employees. In addition, the lubricants used are not harmful to the environment. We strive to produce a fully recyclable machine.

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Service is more than delivering quality

Usage always leads to wear and tear. Maintenance is necessary to keep your machine in good condition. This is why your purchase includes two on-site services, carried out by one of our partners. Your loader will always remain in top condition, and be ready in no time  for the next job. If there’s an unforeseen technical problem, our partners will also assist you and, if necessary, provide you with a temporary replacement. This is how we ensure that you can always keep going and that stoppages are avoided.

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