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Conmeq welcomes future engineers and mechanics

This year, Conmeq introduced future engineers and mechanics of BIVAK Education to the world of engineering during several inspirational company visit days. It was very inspiring to see how much knowledge the 1st and 2nd year pupils already possess in the technical field.
‘Sir, how much weight can the AS15 lift?, what is the maximum speed of the AS15? Can you do wheelies with it?’
The level of interest was very high during the company visit days.

‘Dear fellows, soon you will take a look in our factory and you will see how the fully electric and zero-emission AS15 skid steer mini-loader is manufactured. And, of course after that you get the change to jump on the AS15 under supervision. A course has been prepared outside.’
‘Yes!’, the young sprouts cheered with full enthusiasm every time during every visit at Conmeq.

Of course, doing a wheelie with all safety measures has been demonstrated by one of our engineers. ‘Wow!, cool!, awesome!’ Various sounds of enthusiasm of the students echoes through the building.

Below is a small video impression to get a taste of the atmosphere of the company visit days. Conmeq wishes all students good luck for next school year. But first, we wish them a awesome holiday!

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