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Conmeq soon to be broadcasted in a podcast?

Recently we’ve welcomed David and Nico Drost from Smarting Industry at Conmeq to record a podcast. The podcast was told from Conmeq’s perspective. The choices that were made in the past, the approach, the setbacks, the windfalls, but also the story of the origin of the company. Of course, we have captured a small impression of this on video. Below you can read the vision of Smarting Industry;

“Smarting Industry connects the Dutch manufacturing industry through the vision, challenges and approach of the digitization they are going through. The platform collects practical stories from the manufacturing industry to learn together and share knowledge. Nico and David are the founders behind this platform and they do this based on their experience and enthusiasm for the manufacturing industry.”

It was a pleasant afternoon with a lot of inspiring conversations. And of course, the Drost gentlemen had the honour to try out the AS15 skid steer mini-loader. Nico already mentioned: “The AS15 is very intuitive to use”. And as you can see, everyone quickly mastered driving the AS15.

Thank you Nico and David for the inspiring morning.

Check the video below or surf to our Youtube channel: BTS podcast Conmeq – Smarting Industry

Check our website to discover more: conmeq.com/news