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Another cooperation with one of our irriplacable partners; Macroscoop

Conmeq and Macroscoop are both very innovative companies who know what it means to empower each other. For a company like Conmeq it is nice to be provided and fully supported by Macroscoop for the Epicor Kinetic ERP platform. To know what the needs are and how to handle with complex situations is crucial. We are safe to say; Our partners are the backbone of the company.

What’s most important about a partnership is the relationship you have with each other. It needs to be possible to discuss everything. This is the case between Conmeq and Macroscoop and even much more. We always give each other a warm welcome during visits.
We want to spread the message on how happy we are with this cooperation and like to invite you to catch a small glimpse of this in the video below.

For more info check the website of Macroscoop;