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A spot on the horizon: a zero-emission zone!

Did you know that in 2030 most big cities will not allow fuel engines anymore? This also means there will be less options for your business when using machinery for construction works, demolition and much more. The goal is; Clean air, more green area’s and more attractive and safe spaces for walking and cycling.

When purchasing the AS15 skid steer mini-loader this problem does not exist. Next to that, you will be surprised how multifunctional the AS15 skid steer loader really is. You can use it inside and outside for multiple operations such as; Digging sand, demolishing walls, order picking, moving materials, carrying and moving heavy parts with high speed and much more.

Fun fact; In comparison a hydrostatic machine has a lot less power than the AS15 skid steer loader. A hydrostatic machine has only 30% to 40% efficiency due to the extreme heat losses at the pump. This is not the case with the AS15 mini-loader. The efficiency of the AS15 is between 90% and 95%. Hydrostatic drives cannot generate energy. The electric engines directly on the wheels of the AS15 can. With the AS15, energy is generated with every rollout or braking action, which is returned to the battery. Since there is no other available skid steer mini-loader on the market today that has 5 electric engines directly on the wheels, it is safe to say it’s the most efficient version of a skid steer mini-loader on the market.

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