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Today and tomorrow at the NVRD annual conference Conmeq and Veidec are joining forces. You can visit the booth of Veidec on May 18th and 19th.
Ask the Veidec exhibitors during this fair how the AS15 skid steer mini-loader can be usefull in the waste industry.

In the waste and cleaning industry, quality is the key to a cleaner living environment and a circular economy. This is the main focus of both Conmeq and Veidec.
The world that we leave behind is the world our children will inherit and live in. To us, it’s as natural to protect the environment as it is to care for our children. With this in mind Conmeq and Veidec are working on environmentally friendly products. Veidec with their high-tech products for repair and maintenance. And Conmeq with their electric zero emission AS15 skid steer and future sustainable developments.

The question is not; “Why should you invest in high quality products?”
But; “Why should you invest in low quality products where the price is low, but the results will never reach your expectations…”

For more info visit: www.veidec.com and www.conmeq.com