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20 million euro available in 2022 for purchase of clean and emission-free construction equipment

According to the plans now presented, up to and including 2030, €270 million of the total €500 million reserved for the Nitrogen approach will be made available to the sector through the ‘Subsidy SEB’ (Clean and Emission-Free Building)
In 2022, € 20 million of this amount will be available for purchase of clean and emission-free construction equipment.
The purchase of a diesel-powered engine is therefore no longer profitable.
Also in outdoor situations, companies must phase out diesel-driven work equipment and machinery or be able to substantiate in writing why replacement is not possible in the specific case.

This is a huge advantage when purchasing the AS15 skid steer mini-loader.
The AS15 is a zero emission fully electric skid steer mini-loader that is made from scratch which equals the Tesla way of engineering.
It’s the only available skid steer mini-loader with 5 electric engines, with a maximum speed of 12km per hour and easy to use in small spaces thanks to the 77cm width that can fit through a regular door opening.
The machine is currently used at construction- demolition- and waste processing companies.
But also think about the possibilities to use the AS15 inside big warehouses, pick orders fast and easy.
The skid steer mini-loader is user-friendly, subtle steering, able to turn effortlessly on its axis, and has fully automatic protection when overloaded.

Other electric skid steer mini-loaders are currently under development, but they are still at the start of the production process.
As a result, no physical data on the use of these machines is available yet.
The AS15 is already there, the machine is already in full use at construction- demolition- and waste processing companies.
Therefore, investing in a machine whose operation has already been proven in practice is much more attractive.
We develop in the most sustainable way there is by using 100% biodegradable products during the assembling process.
The AS15 has 0 emission li-ion batteries from Eleo Modular Battery Solutions with long term durability.
Even more reasons to order de AS15 skid steer mini-loader.

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Source: Subsidie voor Schoon en Emissieloos Bouwmaterieel

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